About Us

BetterBone's Inception:

BetterBone was founded on the idea that your dog’s favorite chew toy should be both enjoyable and safe. BetterBone’s founder Angelo was astounded by the callous and cruel disregard for pet safety that is commonplace among conventional dog toy manufacturers. They were willing to accept that people’s pets may die from ingesting their product, as long as they continued to make money. Angelo, having had decades of manufacturing experience, decided to experiment with his own formula. BetterBone’s 100% edible chew toys are a result of that experience and experimentation. We were able to create an innovative new product that contains NO NYLON and NO PLASTIC and that is safe for dogs to ingest.

Our Policies:

- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are not 100% satisfied with our product you can return it for a full refund.

- 100% Sourced and Made in the United States: We believe that quality ingredients made by American workers beats cheap products made overseas any day. We will never outsource our manufacturing simply to save a few bucks on labor.